How to restore a Hema chronograph with Landeron 248 movement


I just finished to service my new HEMA with Landeron 248 movement, which I recently bought. The movement came in working fine, but upon inspection I found a lot of oil and debris of unknown nature, thus the decision of servicing it. This is how it looked, in the picture of the seller: Removing the […]

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How I restore an Alpine Handwound Wristwatch

Alpine handwound wristwatch

This is another small wristwatch I found at a flea market, working fine, but losing some seconds more than it should. It is an Alpina hand wound wristwatch, with a non-original leather band, sunburst case and dial. The watch is in overall good condition, it only presents the usual biological gunk you can find in […]

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Seiko 5606-5100: the Iron Man from the Seventies – Part 3

Seiko 5606-5100 new case

Some may remember that I almost completely restored a Seiko 5606-5100 many months ago, naming it “Iron Man from the Seventies“. After a long time, I found on eBay a complete case and bracelet, and the ever missing dial holding ring that I so needed to complete tat restoration / resurrection. The case seems to […]

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There is a new school for watchmaking, and it is free…

Watchmaking 101 sponsored by

This is something that got me as excited as I could ever be, but at the same time disappointed. The Hodinkee Fund, together with the Horological Society Of New York, has has recently introduced Watchmaking 101, a public free class dedicated to the art of watchmaking. Pity it is only in New York. Watchmaking 101 is […]

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How to restore a nice Seiko 7T32-7E10 Chronograph


The other day I was talking with the owner of a small second-hand shop, discussing on how I repaired his 1970’s Lucerne wrist watch (more on this in another topic). He was quite please of the service I’d done: the watch was completely jammed and as dirty as a watch can be. After a proper […]

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